Sheep Farms of West-Cumbria

35mm black and white photographs, 2015 – 2016

Photo series capturing four farms in West Cumbria, including more traditional hill-sheep farms and lowland farms. I began the project as I felt there was a tendency to romanticise the farming lifestyle. Across Cumbria, shops sell books and postcards painting a picture of an idyllic landscape of spring lambs and sheep grazing in spectacular scenery.

In response, I aimed to create a series which looks at the work behind the scenes; unrelenting physical labour is often repetitive and brutal, not everything survives, lambs are born with deformities and crows peak out the eyes of the weak.

Beginning in October 2015, the project tracks the seasonal events which occur on a farm during the year and includes clipping, sales, marking, worming and general day to day activities.