Seaweed developing workshops with 16mm film and photography with Melanie King and Julia Parks (18th November UK & 19th November Worldwide)

In this workshop, you will learn how to develop film using seaweed with sustainable photography pioneer Melanie King and artist filmmaker Julia Parks.

Melanie and Julia will walk you through the process of developing film with seaweed; from foraging the seaweed to the process of infusing it with vitamin C and washing powder. During the workshop we will look at both 16mm film and photographic stills and the different equipment you need to get started on developing your own images in seaweed. We will discuss the different development times and temperatures and effects on black and white film. The workshop is aimed at people who are interested in exploring sustainable developing techniques or using these techniques in a specific setting.


Melanie King is an artist and curator working with alternative photography with a specific focus on astronomy. She is a co-founder of London Alternative Photography Collective which seeks to find more environmentally friendly ways of using photography. She is currently based in Ramsgate, Kent.

Julia Parks uses film, animation and photography to explore the different relationships between landscape, place and people, often focusing on the west-coast of Cumbria. In April 2018 she was featured on BBC Countryfile where she demonstrated how to develop 16mm film using seaweed. Julia is based in west Cumbria, UK.