The Girl Who Forgets How to Walk

(16 minutes 30 seconds/16mm/2019)

We never speak of it, but here we know the land can’t be trusted. The Girl Who Forgets How to Walk is poet Kate Davis and filmmaker Julia Parks’ collaborative exploration of the ancient topography of south Cumbria and the navigation of one’s own body in relation to the landscape. This evocative visual contemplation draws on Davis’ personal narrative of contracting polio as a young girl, her subsequent disability and slow process of learning to walk again. Reworking a series of poems from Davis’ debut collection of the same name, and delicately realised by Parks, this meditative experience is about navigating the wild, rocky landscape and the invisible, but ever shifting earth beneath our feet.

The film was available to view here from Friday 3rd July (noon BST) to Wednesday 8th July (11.59pm BST) along with an Q&A event in which Julia and Kate discussed the themes and processes within The Girl Who Forgets to Walk.